18 May 2010

Adding Light To A Photo

First we need a background.

pegi kat Image ~> Adjustments ~> Color Balance or press Ctrl-B to bring up the Color Balance box, adjust only Midtones settings to bring our photo a little color
Reset your foreground and background colors by pressing D. Create a new layer and go to Filter ~> Render ~> Clouds to create some clouds.
pegi kat Filter ~> Render ~> Difference Clouds and repeat this effect some times
(by pressing Ctrl-F)
dan pegi kat Image ~> Adjustments ~> Brightness / Contrast dan ekot step yang d bawah.
Increase the black and white areas by going to Image ~> Adjustments ~> Levels (Ctrl-L), move the black and white points to the center
Filter ~> Blur ~> Motion Blur and use these settings:
Change the blending mode of this layer to Soft Light
stkat ni dluuu...xlaratt.....
tapi kalow pakai gambar black and white,sampai step ni dah ok sbnarnye.
lebih real nampak...

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