17 May 2010

Xengat Password windows?

If you remember admin password you just can remove or change password at the safe mode but if admin password you did not remember...here is the way you can try...

~ amik winxp/winvista/win7 cd/dvd to cd/dvd drive and if it ask to boot from cd... press any key
~It will take you to blue boot screen(bukan lucas yea)
~ Choose your windows partion and enter(jangan format,wat repair jah).
Press repair and then it will copy all files..
~ After it restart, then this is the important to watch out. You will see the timer
at the left of screen it will shown 39 minutes remaining.. After it have started
you have to enter "SHIFT+F10" & command promped will shown.
~ copy this in your command promped "NUSRMGR.CPL" then enter.
~ user account will out and the you can choose if you want to delete or change your
password. (no need to worry because it will not ask your old password)
~After finish you can continue repairing...
ada 1 cara lg..
tp xpasty lg jd ke x,
blum try lg...
nanty low dah try n step uh jd.
aq share ler..
tungu aje dong...hahahaha~

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ijoks2009 said...

Cara paling senang,taipkan perkataan ni kat kotak password tu"admistrator"
biasanya boleh buka.

Rainbow said...

lorh...bakpow x g tow awal2.tahun lpas aq terpaksa format kom aku...stlah 1 bulan xleh pakai,xengat password windows.hahahaha..
habes hilang barng2 penting dalam kompter ak.
sunguh malang.:(

sugar2 kapas strawberry said...

tutorial yg byk gunany ;)

Rainbow said...

kow tipu laaa......

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